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The ACA Players' Club is an exciting program that brings our professional cricketers closer to those that play our great game in the many clubs, schools, parks and even beaches around Australia.

The ACA Players' Club has been designed to engage all amateur cricketers on all aspects of the game, giving them privileged and unique information and experiences, and a feeling of being part of the 'team' of all Australian Cricketers.

The vision for the ACA is to become the official voice for all cricketers - amateur and professional, past and present - providing a platform that delivers recognition, information, two-way dialogue, inspiration, engagement and reward.

Membership of the ACA Players' Club is FREE and members will receive access to a heap of content from current and past players including videos, podcasts, blogs, photos and coaching tips. Through this website, regular emails and other communications from the ACA, members will receive access to the inner sanctum of Australian cricketers like never before.

Importantly, the ACA Players' Club is also about hearing the voice of the amateur cricketer on issues and concerns they may have from the grassroots all the way up to the international game.

We welcome all amateur cricketers to the ACA Players' Club and look forward to enhancing your involvement and experience in our great game.

About the ACA
The Australian Cricketers' Association (ACA) is the collective and representative voice of past and present male and female first class cricketers in Australia.
The ACA was established in 1997 to:

  • • Safeguard the rights of both present and past first class cricketers
  • Provide for and improve the welfare of its members
  • Provide advice, services and assistance where deemed appropriate
  • Pursue initiatives that will ultimately benefit the membership
  • Promote the sport of cricket