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The MVP system was first introduced in 2007 in England. Unlike other rankings the system combines calculations from all domestic competitions and across all aspects of a player's game. However, the rankings can also be broken down to focus on individual competitions and specific playing roles.

The formula behind the rankings was devised by PCA members in England, who took into account their own match experiences and the relative achievements of bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers and fielders.

During 2006 the PCA in England undertook an extensive review of all player performance data in the game. They found:

  • Too much focus on individual elements of the game - averages, run rates, wickets taken
  • A need for more relevance to all aspects of the game
  • A need to reflect a player's total contribution to the team

So they set out to devise a system that rewards players who are skilled in multiple disciplines, including fielding.

Current and former players from the domestic game and the international arena were involved every step of the way to ensure the end result truly reflected the views of the people in the thick of the action.

The Formula
The MVP is a cumulative points system that rewards players for every run scored, every wicket taken and every catch held.

In simple terms the points gained for batting, bowling, fielding, captaincy and winning add up to a player's total MVP points. Bonus points can also be scored.
Batting + Bowling + Fielding + Captaincy + Winning = Total MVP points

The batting points take into account runs scored, the rate scored at and the % of the team's total. Batting bonus points are achieved for:
Reaching a century

  • Achieving a benchmark run-rate (varies per tournament eg 1.5 runs per ball in the Twenty20)
  • Scoring over 30% of a team's runs

The bowling points take into account the number of wickets taken and economy rates. Bowlers achieve higher points for getting out higher order batsmen. Bowling bonus points are achieved for:

  • Achieving a benchmark economy rate (varies per tournament eg fewer that 6 runs per over in Twenty20)
  • Taking 5 or more wickets in an innings
  • Bowling maidens

The fielding points are accumulated for holding catches, effecting run-outs and stumpings. Fielding bonus points are achieved for five fielding dismissals in an innings.

All members of a winning team receive a bonus, and additional bonus points are awarded to the captain of a winning team.