Aug 10 2012

001 Brad Hogg and Steve Carell


002 Daniel Vettori and Louis Theroux


003 Michael Hogan and Mr G


004 Pat Cummins and Callum Hann


005 Brett Lee and Simon Whitlock


006 Callum Ferguson and Billy Joe


007 Nathan Lyon and Gargamel


008 Cameron White and Josh Homme


009 Mark Cosgrove and Gary Busey


010 John Hastings and Hellboy


011 James Faulkner and Leroy the Masochist


012 Jason Krejza and Damien Peverill


013 Ed Cowan and Lenny Kravitz


014 Beau Casson and Adam Ant


015 Mark Taylor and Michael Dell


016 Michael Clarke and Jules Lund


017 Shane Warne and Simon Mannix


018 Marcus North and James Toseland



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