The Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA) was established in 1998 as the international representative body of all professional cricketers and their associations.

FICA was established to represent players on issues that span the international game including:
  • Anti-corruption
  • Anti-doping
  • Code of conduct
  • Player commercial and image rights
  • Programming and volume of cricket
  • International events
  • Safety and security
  • ICC policies
  • Issues resolution
  • Playing issues
FICA focuses on and plays an integral role in the negotiation of Squad Terms for key ICC events including the Champions Trophy, the World Cup and the Twenty20 World Championship. FICA and the ICC have agreed to standard terms governing these events from 2007-2015.

FICA’s role regarding these events extends beyond the negotiation of the Squad Terms and includes the following roles over the period 2007-2015:
  • Pre-event tours of countries and grounds to ensure that venues, facilities, transport, security and accommodation arrangements are of an appropriate standard for international cricketers and befitting of a World competition
  • Acting as a watch dog to ensure the ICC and its member countries comply with the terms and conditions of the Player Terms and Member Participation Agreement (MPA)
  • Acting as a player representative from event to event should the ICC seek to change any aspect of the MPA that may impact upon players
  • To continue to represent players on a wide array of issues from event to event including match schedules, event formats, security arrangements, additional events, determination of prize money split, travel and accommodation arrangements, daily allowances and insurance arrangements FICA has been formally incorporated and ACA Chief Executive Paul Marsh is one of seven Board members and also one of four Executive members
For further information visit the FICA website.

FICA Officers
President – Jimmy Adams
Executive Chairman – Paul Marsh
Chief Operating Officer – Ian Smith

FICA Board
Australian Cricketers’ Association – Paul Marsh
Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh - Debrabrata Paul
New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills
Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – Angus Porter
South African Cricketers’ Association – Tony Irish
Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association - Ken De Alwis
West Indies Players’ Association – Michael Hall

Contact: Eivion Bowen
Tel: 03 9698 7200

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