ACA Membership

Who can be a member of the ACA?

To be eligible for membership of the ACA you must:

  • Have played in any open men's State cricket team (i.e. Sheffield Shield / Pura Cup; Gillette / FAI / Mercantile Mutual / ING / Ford Ranger Cup / KFC Twenty20 Big Bash; or matches against touring international teams)
  • Have held, or hold, a Cricket Australia Contract
  • Have held, or hold, a State or Rookie Contract with any of the six State Associations
  • Be a current member of any open women's Australian or State cricket squad or team
  • Be a Kerry Packer Award recipient (for outstanding contribution to the ACA)
  • Have played in any open women’s State cricket team

What are the ACA Membership categories?

The ACA has three membership categories for eligible members:

Annual Membership
Paid on an annual basis with members receiving access to the ACA's suite of member benefits for the membership year.

Life Membership
A one off payment that covers membership of the ACA for life.

Honorary Life Membership
Members can receive honorary life membership through the Kerry Packer Award, introduced to recognise and honour individuals who have served the ACA in an outstanding capacity.
Should you know of a former teammate yet to become a member of the ACA, please make them aware of the many benefits associated with an ACA membership.

For membership enquiries please contact Kylie Crowley on 03 9698 7200 or email

What benefits can ACA members access?

As an ACA member, you receive access to the ACA's member benefits program which gives you discounts on various products and services including:

  1. Frequent ValuesTM benefits program
  2. ACA preferred supplier network
  3. Member Functions
  4. Superannuation

1. Frequent ValuesTM
Frequent ValuesTM provides ACA members with access to numerous product and service discounts from suppliers around Australia. These include:

  • Restaurants
  • Vehicle purchase/hire
  • Shopping centres
  • Home services
  • Mobile phone
  • Travel
  • Cinema tickets
  • Retail store chain outlets

2. ACA Preferred Suppliers
The ACA also has its own list of suppliers who offer discounts to members.
The present list of preferred suppliers is as follows:

  • AMP / Certainty Financial
  • Berlei
  • Budgy Smuggler
  • BUPA
  • Complete Auto Solutions
  • Canon
  • Frequent Values
  • Grant Burge
  • Harvey Norman
  • John St Elite
  • Kookaburra
  • Oakley
  • Suunto
  • Tech Niche
  • Tempur
  • Tripod Coffee
  • Triumph & Disaster
  • Wilson Golf / Tennis

3. Member Functions
The ACA hosts an annual member function in each State during the membership year.

This function, generally at the Test match in each State (subject to availability), is held in conjunction with the State Associations around Australia. It provides a wonderful opportunity for members to enjoy a day's play with former teammates and opposition players in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

The ACA encourages its members to get together and reminisce with players of their era as well as developing relationships with players from other eras.
This function is the cornerstone of the ACA's member benefits program and is offered free of charge to all members.

4. Superannuation
The ACA announced the establishment of the Australian Cricket Superannuation Plan in May 2006 for the benefit of all ACA members. Major features of the plan include:

  • For current players, access to death, total and permanent disablementinsurance benefits up to a maximum of $750,000
  • For past players, option to apply for generous insurance entitlements with specially negotiated insurance premium rates
  • Specially negotiated low plan fees.
  • No contribution fee
  • Retained member benefits - access to low plan fees even after coming off contract or retirement
  • Broad range of investment options
  • Member's family also eligible to join
  • Administered by one of Australia's leading Superannuation providers, AMP
  • Access to consulting and advisory services of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services; the appointed advisors to the Australian Cricket Super Plan