ACA Premier Cricket Program Club Application Form -(Admin)


This program is designed to narrow the gap between Premier Cricket and high  performance/domestic cricket. On this basis funding is available to any Premier Cricket Clubs who have 1st XI teams competing for the entire season in the top Premier competition in the state. These are the clubs that provide a direct pathway or ‘home  club’ for current and aspiring professional cricketers.

In 2017/18 male Premier Clubs will continue to be able to access $10,000 and most female Premier Cricket Clubs will be able to access $7,500 with the ability for this amount to grow as the  number of teams, games played and time committed  to female Premier Cricket grows. We anticipate most fully integrated clubs will receive $17,500 but with no individual ACA member able to access more than $10,000 of program funding.

ACA Premier Cricket Program Application Form


Privacy Statement

The information provided in, or in conjunction with, this form is collected by the ACA for the purposes of managing and administering the ACA Premier Cricket Program (“Program”). 

This information may be held by the ACA, and provided by the ACA to Cricket Clubs, in accordance with the necessary requirements of the Program and for the purposes of the proper administration and functioning of the Program.  The information may also be disclosed where required by law.  The ACA may also openly publish or provided to third parties, including members of the public, your full name and the identity of the Club with which you are employed under the Program. 

You are entitled to access your personal information held by the ACA by contacting the ACA on (03) 9698 7200. 

Please contact - if you have any issues or questions regarding the form.