What is the ACA Premier Cricket Program?

The ACA Premier Cricket Program has been designed to support ACA members in their post-cricket lives via a program that retains and harnesses the skill, experience and knowledge of ACA Members to excite, inspire and improve talent through the Premier Cricket pathway.

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"Every player who represents a State, Big Bash League or Australian team comes through the Premier Cricket system. While for some of us the opportunities at the moment to play at club level are limited, having competitive and testing competitions influenced by experienced and knowledgeable players is vital."

Michael Clarke

"As current players, we're passionate about strengthening Premier Cricket and remember the influence that many former first-class players had on our careers as we came through. The decision to invest in the Premier Cricket Program is therefore one that's close to home and hopefully a way that we can ensure the generations to come receive the best possible education at club level."

Shane Watson

How do I apply for the ACA Premier Cricket Program?

Please read through this page, the brochure, position descriptions and fact sheet carefully to understand the program. once you have an understanding of the commitment and objectives of the program then please complete the appropriate form.

ACA Members

ACA Members click here to login and complete your registration

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ACA members new to the ACA Premier Cricket Program in 2016/17 must complete an expression of interest form whether a relationship has already been discussed and established with a club or you are expressing your interest in the program. Members will need to sign in using their ACA Member login to gain access to this form.

ACA Members continuing in a similar role to last season can email premiercricket@auscricket.com.au to notify the ACA of your intention to renew your contract for the 2016/17 season.

Premier Cricket Clubs

It is the responsibility of Premier Cricket Club administrators to complete an application form once a working relationship with an ACA member has been discussed. This is still required for clubs who would like to continue a working relationship with their ACA Member from the 2015/16 season. this application process is also our way of maintaining up to date contact information.One Day Win 2015-16

Alternatively, if a Premier Cricket Club finds it difficult to establish a relationship with an ACA member, the club administrator can complete a 'Premier Cricket Club Vacancy' form which allows the club to identify the specific role they would like an ACA member to fill. This vacancy will then be published on our website and circulated to ACA Members.

Club administrators will need to enter the password sent to the club admin email address which will allow clubs access to the secure Premier Cricket Program section of the website.

Expressions of Interest and Application forms must be completed by the 31st of July 2016. This date is set to allow enough time to accept and return program agreements.

Click here to complete a Premier Cricket Program Application Form

Click here to complete a Premier Cricket Club Vacancy

ACA Members and clubs involved in the program will be required to participate in an induction/development session that will take place in late August early September. This will be an important process to reinforce the significance of this program and complete paperwork to allow clubs and members to receive payment. Dates will be confirmed at a later date for your respective states.

The ACA Premier Cricket Program is managed by former Tasmanian paceman and current Premier cricketer Brendan Drew.

Click here to download the Premier Cricket Program Brochure