1. Can I become a member of the ACA?

At this point in time membership of the ACA is restricted to any male cricketer who has ever played for Australia in Test, One-Day or Twenty20 cricket, or for their State in Four-day, One-Day or Twenty20 cricket. Male players who have been a member of a State squad since the formation of the ACA in 1997 are also eligible. Both past and current female players who are either CA-contracted or named in a State Squad are also eligible to be members of the ACA.

However, membership to the ACA Players' Club is open to the public. 

2. Where can I find information on the Australian team or individual players?

Please refer to the official website of Cricket Australia - www.cricket.com.au
Or you may also wish to view www.espncricinfo.com for information on individual past and present players.

3. Do other countries have player associations?

There are 7 Player Associations:

4. Can the ACA organise for an Australian cricketer to attend a function or event?

Yes - the ACA commercial division includes a speakers agency for past and present Australian cricketers. Please email aca@auscricket.com.au or Phone 613 9698 7200 for further information.

5. How many members does the ACA have?

The ACA has 1430 members of which 720 are life members and 710 annual members.

6. Who does the ACA represent?

The ACA represents all past and present State and Australian cricketers and current Australian and State women cricketers.

7. What does the ACA do?

The ACA's operations are many and varied. The key areas of the business are:

  • Cricket operations - review of all ICC and CA policies; provide player views on all issues
  • Membership - communicating all cricket issues to members; facilitation of the licensing process with the CA and past and present players and provision of benefits to all members
  • Career & Welfare - management of a tailored program for past and present players
  • Commercial - events and sponsorships, licensing and speakers agency

8. Is the ACA an arm of Cricket Australia?

No - The ACA and Cricket Australia are two separate organisations.


Please email info@auscricket.com.au for any further enquiries.