Agent Accreditation

ACA Player Agent Accreditation Scheme

Player agents are very important stakeholders in the game today, and the services they provide to players are growing in number, complexity and importance each year. It is imperative that agents have the necessary knowledge, integrity, competence, conduct, performance and professionalism to act in the best interests of our players.

Recognising this importance, under their most recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Cricket Australia (CA) and the ACA agreed to introduce a compulsory scheme for the accreditation and regulation of player agents representing professional cricketers in Australia.

As a result, the ACA has launched the ACA Player Agent Accreditation Scheme (Scheme), which is administered by the ACA (with CA support) and overseen by an Agent Accreditation Board (comprising of CA and ACA employees and outside parties).

Under the MOU, the ACA and CA have agreed that (with only limited exceptions), CA, State Associations, BBL Teams and the ACA will only deal with Accredited Agents in player contract discussions.

Once applicants for accreditation become Accredited Agents, their names and business contact details will be posted on this website.

Relevant downloads:

Find the full list of Accredited Agents here.

A list of contracted players with Accredited Agents is available here.

For any questions regarding the Scheme, please contact Kirsty Lamb at the ACA on 03 9698 7200 or