Career transitioning with Matt Gaffney

16 Apr 2015

Enindico's Matt Gaffney offers some handy career transition tips for players - both past and present.

Key Enindico tips to assist transition

  • Know your values - how you conduct yourself and how you like others to behave
  • Record some career aspirations for at least the next five years
  • Have a strong sense of your 'use by' date in your current role with your current skills - and be prepared to acquire new skills before that 'use by' date arrives
  • Always look to build the depth and breadth of your relationships, showing a genuine interest in others
  • Be able to communicate your major achievements in an engaging way ... and in a manner that is as relevant as possible to the other party
  • Adopt a mindset of 'calculated audacity' in identifying and pursuing roles of potential interest for which you may not have all of the skills and experience being requested in the Position Description,

Should an ACA member confirm interest in commissioning an Enindico career evolution coaching program, the ACA member and Matt Gaffney then liaise with Ben Smith on next steps, which may include any assistance that the ACA can provide the member on program fees or travelling expenses.

Tips provided by Matt Gaffney of Enindico - contact Matt on or 0403 053 198.