Premier Cricket Program Update

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In June, we launched the ACA Premier Cricket Program again for the 2017-18 Season. Excitingly we have expanded the program into Female premier cricket this season. The program is designed to support ACA members by retaining and harnessing the skills, experience and knowledge of ACA Members to identify, instruct and inspire talent through the premier cricket pathway.

First round expressions closed on Monday 31st July.

We have had an overwhelming response from both premier cricket clubs and ACA members around the country.

To date we have received applications for 107 of the 124 club grants which is set to see over 150 ACA Members engage in premier cricket clubs across the country. We are excited to see over 70 applicants set to engage in the program for the first time for the 2017-18 season.
This is a terrific start for the expanded program and premier cricket as a whole as it has kept or reengaged 70 + skilled, experienced and knowledgeable ACA members in playing or coaching roles that may otherwise have been lost from the Premier Cricket pathway.
Maintaining this talent can only provide a positive influence and help to achieve one of the programs main objectives of strengthening premier cricket around the country.

We are still working with clubs to find the right ACA members to fulfil a number of Vacancy's.
If you a looking to reengage in premier cricket check out the below opportunities in clubs that are still looking to fill positions.

Current Club Vacancies across the country for ACA members

Name  State Role Ideal Role
Southern District Cricket Club SA Female Premier Cricket Player / Coach
Glenorchy District Cricket Club TAS Both Male and Female Premier Cricket Player / Coach
Greenvale Kangaroos Cricket Club VIC Male Premier Cricket Player / Coach
Frankston Peninsula Cricket Club VIC Male Premier Cricket Player / Coach
University of Western Australia Cricket Club WA Female Premier Cricket Player / Coach

Information such as position descriptions and contact information for the vacancies can be found here and more information on the ACA Premier Cricket Program can be accessed here

We look forward to sharing the programs successes with you all over the summer.