Top 5 Sporting Moments

07 Aug 2014


Last month we asked ACA members to tell us their Top 5 Sports Autobiographies of all time.

Well, the results are in and whilst there was support for some of our current members in Michael Hussey (Underneath the Southern Cross), Ricky Ponting (At the Close of Play) and Darren Berry (Keeping it Real: The Darren "Chuck" Berry Story) the votes went to:

  • Alex Ferguson - My Autobiography
  • Open - An Autobiography Andre Agassi
  • My Story - Joe Bugner
  • Wayne Bennett - The Man in the Mirror
  • Serious - John McEnroe

This month were calling for suggestions of your Top 5 Sporting Moments of all time.
Send your Top 5 Sporting Moments into Graham Manou at .

It's by no means compulsory, but feel free to share any reflections or reasons why you like any of your suggestions and we'll print the best ones in our next Monthly Member Email.