Education and Training Grants now open for Round One, 2018

31 Jan 2018

The ACA wishes to advise that applications for the Education and Training Grants are now open for Round One, 2018.

Please click to submit an application for Semester 1 2018 

What are the Education Training Grants?

The Education and Training Grants are a current player member benefit. The Education and Training grants support current players or those players in transition (24 months off contract) that are currently studying. The purpose of the grant is to encourage players to have balance within their cricket careers and also support their future endeavours for planning and preparing for life after cricket.

There are two intakes per year with round 1 intakes open at the end January and intake 2 opening at the end of June. Applications are available online via the ACA website.

The grants can be used to fund any further study, provided the course is accredited with a registered training or educational institution and the course undertaken must be related to the player’s career after cricket.

Who is eligible?

Players must hold one of the following contracts;

  • Australian
  • State
  • W/BBL
  • Rookie player
  • Transition (up to 24 months off state contract)

The player must hold a current ACA membership. Applicants must be currently enrolled in the course, or be eligible to enrol in the course for which they are seeking a grant.

Past Players can access education support through the Past Player Program.

What do the grants cover?

The Education and Training Grants cover the cost of course fees and tuition fees.

The grants do not cover items such as stationary, calculators, text books, student amenities fees, parking or general equipment.

How do allocations work?

Depending on the course the player is studying there is a maximum grant allocation the ACA can provide per year. Below is a table with maximum allocations players can receive per year & some examples of the type of courses supported;

Course Type

Maximum Allocation per year

Short Course/ Professional Development


  • First Aid Training
  • PT upskilling courses
  • Barista course
  • Accreditations 
$500 per course

Secondary School


  • Tutoring assistance for a player
  • School fees have also been processed under this grant

TAFE & Private Providers – Short Course


  • Career upskilling – i.e. 1-day courses

TAFE & Private providers – Long Course (Cert IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma)


  • Longer TAFE courses – Cert IV
  • Diploma / Advanced Diploma 

Professional Qualifications


  • White stone business builders
  • Media training – one on one coaching
  • Career upskilling – Professional Development courses/ training 



  • Masters
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Graduate Diploma


**Please note the ACA Grants do not cover books or student amenities fees

 Closing Date

Applications for round one close on Wednesday 28th of February 2018, given the significant demand for grants you need to be aware that if you have not submitted an application by this date we may not be able to assist.

If you require further information on the Education and Training Grant process or need some advice on what to study please contact your State Player Development Manager.

For any general inquires please contact Kylie Crowley at the ACA on 03 9698 7203 or