Premier Cricket Program launches for 2018-19

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Australia’s players have re-committed to the ACA Premier Cricket Program for another two seasons.

As Premier Cricket around the country continues to evolve; the program has again expanded in 2018/19 with additional 1st XI female teams, ACT Premier Clubs and a Northern Tasmanian team now eligible for this year’s Premier Cricket Program.

The players have already invested over $2.5 million into Premier Cricket since the Program launched in 2015.

This year’s commitment will see over $1 million again go towards supporting Members and Premier Cricket around the country.

The ACA Premier Cricket Program has been designed to support 
ACA members in their post-cricket lives via a program that retains and harnesses the skill, experience and knowledge of ACA Members to identify, instruct and inspire talent through both the male and female Premier Cricket pathways.

Incorporating another 10 clubs for the 2018/19 season sees the ACA and the players’ impact on this vital cricket pathway continue to grow. After three years of the program, 234 ACA members have been involved across Premier Cricket clubs around the country.

Based off a number of criteria, fully integrated clubs with male and female teams playing in the 1st XI competition will be eligible to receive up to $15,000 in 2018-19. Clubs with Male teams will be able to access up to $8,500 and clubs with Female teams with the top team playing in the 1st XI competition will be able to access up to $6,500.

As in 2017-18, no individual ACA Member will be able to access more than $10,000 in program funding.

As Premier Cricket is developing around the country, the ACA will continue to apply discretion around the expansion of the program. In 2018-19, ACT clubs have been added for the first time, as has the Northern Tasmanian team. These clubs will undergo slightly varied funding structures, as these clubs and competitions continue to develop.

The objectives of the program are:

  • Provide a platform for ACA members to remain in Premier Cricket through playing, coaching and talent identification roles; 
  • Narrow the gap between Premier Cricket and high performance/ domestic cricket; 
  • Create additional opportunities for clubs to support and enhance existing budgets and structures; 
  • Grow a sustainable program that ensures Premier Cricket remains the lifeblood of Australian Cricket;
  • Retain first-class cricketers in Premier Cricket; 
  • Provide a higher level of Premier Cricket competition;
  • Identify, instruct and inspire the next generation of Australian elite cricketers; and
  • To balance Premier Club objectives with the development of emerging talent. 


To apply for the program or to complete an expression of interest, please follow the instructions below. First round expressions close 31 July 2018.

Instructions for completing your ACA Member registration are shown below.

Step 1 

Login - ;

Your login details are;
Login – aca+first initial+surname (eg - acajsmith)
Password- surname (eg - smith)

** If you have any issues logging into the website please contact the ACA 03 9698 7200 or email

Step 2

Once logged into the ACA Website place your cursor over the Premier Cricket Program header;

Step 3

Scroll down to the ACA Member Registration Form – Premier Cricket Program;

Step 4 

Complete your registration form - Please advise if you have already had discussions with a Premier Cricket club and also if you are looking to be involved across the male, female or both aspects of the program.

Additional details of the Premier Cricket Program can be found on the ACA Website or

Click here for the ACA Premier Cricket Program brochure
Click here for FAQs
Click here to login for the ACA Member registration form

For all enquiries on the Premier Cricket Program contact:

Kylie Crowley
Cricket Operations & Player Development Coordinator
Phone: (03) 9698 7200