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11 Jul 2014

Rocky MME Web Article

Top 5 Sports Movies/Documentaries

Last month we asked ACA members to tell us their Top 5 Sports Movies/Documentaries of all time.

Well, the results are in and whilst there was passionate support for some cult movies like ‘Slapshot’ (ice hockey), ‘Happy Gilmore’ (golf) and any number from the WWF/WWE franchise (wrestling), the votes went to:

•        Pumping Iron
•        Rocky
•        Caddie Shack
•        Undefeated
•        Moneyball

This month were calling for suggestions of your Top 5 Sports Autobiographies of all time. This means books written by the athlete themselves (we’ll also accept those that are co-authored) as opposed to biographies.

In their best form, autobiographies give an amazing insight into the world of professional sports and the thinking by those living in it. At their worst, sports autobiographies can be a collection of pretty boring stats and superficial observations.

Have you read any that have shaped, reinforced or completely changed the way you view an athlete, team or sport?

For mine, ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi was a captivating read on the highs and lows of the tennis tour, the genius and the human frailty of someone who climbed to the top on more than one occasion.

Send your Top 5 Sports Autobiographies into Graham Manou at .

It’s by no means compulsory, but feel free to share any reflections or reasons why you like any of your suggestions and we’ll print the best ones in our next Monthly Member Email.



Speaking of stories, a great website we’ve been directed to is , which compiles a stack of the best sports stories from around the web and around the world. They aim to give you easy access to “stories that inspire us to see things differently, to think different and to be different than we were the day before.” From our early experiences, they’re doing a good job. You can get a weekly collection delivered free to your inbox.


ACA Footy Tipping Competition

The battle at the top of the ACA Footy Tipping continues in earnest. Rob Bartlett and Clint Auty are joint-leaders with Glenn Bishop and the Lanning sisters (Meg and Anna) both hot on their heals.

Port Adelaide’s recent drop in form would be of concern for outgoing CEO Paul Marsh as he clutches to a place inside the Tipping Top 50.

Check out the full ladder here .


Choc's Choice

John St. Elite (clothing)

John St. Elite is a clothing label designed and hand printed in Melbourne but sold online, with a focus on quality, cut and original artwork offering a wide selection of custom cut tee’s, jumpers and headwear.

ACA members are eligible for a discount of 40% off all their products, which are well worth checking out. Simply visit and use the code ‘ACA40’ at the checkout.

Oakley – new range

Oakley is a long-term partner of the ACA and is pleased to offer all ACA members 40% off the recommended retail price on a selected range of sunglasses (+ postage and handling).
Download the Oakley form here and choose your selection from the updated range of sunglasses on offer.

Return your completed form to

For further information or assistance regarding this or any other ACA Member benefit please contact Graham Manou at the ACA on 03 9698 7200 or via email on

Key Dates

There are a number of important events coming up on the ACA calendar:

17-18 July - ACA Delegates Conference in Melbourne
23 July - ACA Executive (Board) Meeting in Sydney
24 July - ACA Golf Day (major fundraiser for the Player Hardship Fund) in Sydney
29-30 July - Player Development Managers’ Strategic Conference in Melbourne
18-19 August - New Player (Rookie) Induction Camp at MCG

Many of these events are forums in which a wide range of important issues will be discussed, and will help shape the future direction of the ACA. Any members with queries or issues suitable for these forums are encouraged to contact Graham Manou.