$1million Premier Cricket boost

31 May 2016

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Australia’s current cricketers will again invest close to $1 million into Australia’s 87 Premier Cricket Clubs by making a $10,000 grant available to each club to utilise former or non-contracted first-class cricketers (who are ACA Members) in playing, coaching or mentoring roles. This investment is made in support of the Premier Cricket Program as it enters its second season.

Premier Cricket around the country in 2015/16 was one of the most competitive of recent seasons. The ACA Premier Cricket Program made a huge impact on not only addressing the growing concern that the standard of Premier Cricket was deteriorating but enhanced the off field knowledge and resources while improving on field competitiveness.

In 2015/16 the program ensured 104 ACA members stayed involved in Premier Cricket around the country with another 38 ACA Members being reintroduced to Premier Cricket having already stepped away, and lost from the elite amateur competition in their state. For more detail regarding the success of the 2015/16 program click here.

For ACA Members, or Premier Cricket Clubs to register their interest click here.

First round expressions close 31 July 2016.