ACA Statement regarding Cricket Australia 'half-truths' video

The latest attempt by Cricket Australia to directly communicate with Australia's cricketers has undermined current behind the scenes efforts to break the impasse for a new Cricket MOU.

It is also a mischaracterisation of the true position regarding grassroots investment which every Australian male and female cricketer is passionate about.

The video:

  • Comes a day after productive talks for a 'without prejudice' process for attempting to rebuild trust and break the current impasse;
  • Is another attempt to directly communicate with players who have asked for the last 6 months to be left alone to concentrate on cricket;
  • Rehashes the same 'half-truths' and mischaracterisations which have already been exposed and rejected;
  • Discounts the players' role in raising the revenue in the first place;
  • Effectively blames the 'players' for grassroots under investment whilst CA sits on $70 million in cash reserves, in a 'not for profit' organisation; 
  • Makes the same illogical argument that the players who receive 17% of revenue, compared with CA's more than 80%, are somehow responsible for grassroots under investment; 
  • Fails to take responsibility for Cricket Australia's heavy administrative foot print.

As has been the case with CA throughout the negotiation it is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

This latest effort exposes what the ACA have been dealing with.

Cricket Australia has rejected mediation twice, and has yet again demonstrated actions that undermine attempts at progress.

ACA again commends the players for immediately rebuffing what is another unfortunate and inaccurate public display.