Agents reminded of their responsibility in relation to integrity matters

25 Jul 2018

Aca BannerAccredited Player Agents under the ACA’s Accredited Agents Scheme are prohibited from placing a bet of any size on any cricket Match, regardless of whether they are managing a player at the time of the bet.

Earlier in the year an Accredited Player Agent, Craig Stubbs, placed a $20 bet on a One Day International (ODI) match involving Australia and England.  At this time, he was not representing any cricket players.

This bet was reported to CA by its betting partner as part of its regular reporting process, that includes reporting on bets placed by Accredited Player Agents.

The Agent was interviewed and advised this bet was in contravention of CA’s Anti-Corruption Code and the ACA’s Agent Accreditation Regulations. At this time, the Agent acknowledged his mistake and voluntarily terminated his accreditation effective immediately.

The Board accepted this termination and proposed that he would not be eligible to re-apply for Accreditation for three months on the basis that he undertake a re-education session on CA’s Anti-Corruption Code. In proposing this sanction, the Board took into account the Agent’s frank admission and voluntary termination as well as the fact he was not presenting a player nor using any confidential information. This sanction was accepted by the Agent.

Chairman of the ACA's Player Agent Accreditation Board, Joe Connellan, said: "It is important for all Accredited Player Agents to realise that the placing of any bet on a cricket match or event, no matter of what size and whether or not the match or event involves any of the players managed by that agent, is prohibited, as it has the ability to impact on the public confidence in the integrity of cricket. All Accredited Agents should ensure they are familiar with CA's Anti-Corruption Code. "