Australian Cricketers’ Association responds to Cricket Australia ‘offer’

23 Jun 2017

I (355)

The ACA has provided players with the following advice regarding CA’s latest attempt at making offers direct to players.

The ACA notes that CA has made a revised MOU offer and sent it to the players. They have also issued ‘contract offers’ directly to individual players for their signature; bypassing the ACA.

The ACA has advised players not to sign.

The letter provided to players today from CA does not accurately reflect how far apart the parties remain with a week to go. The parties have not reached agreement on many fundamental issues.

The contract offers do not contain Revenue Sharing for all players, and are not what they appear to be. They do not include crucial information regarding terms and conditions.

Further, as has been requested since August 2016, critical financial and forecasting information has yet to be provided so the ACA can properly assess the offers and advise the players accordingly.

This remains unacceptable.

The ACA remains committed to a Revenue Share for all players. As stated in the ACA Media Release this morning, the ACA has requested emergency mediation at CEO to CEO level in order to break this impasse.