Beamsy Abroad (Pt1) - Managing time on tour

Kristen Beams | 15 Mar 2016

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Southern Star Kristen Beams is writing exclusively for the ACA on her amazing experience at the Women’s World T20 throughout the tournament

How to start a tour blog? I could tell you how hard we have been training, what a talented group of people I play alongside.... But you already know that, those qualities are inherent when talking about an Australian Team. So I'll talk to you more about the people and less about the cricket.

We have arrived in Chennai to start our World Cup campaign, the sights, sounds and smell are a reminder that we are a long way from home. I am so excited to be here, my first World Cup in a country I fell in love with in 2010 when I travelled with my cricket club (Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies CC - oldest and BEST women’s club in the world).

It really is a beautiful part of the world as long as you bring with you a few creature comforts from home. For some (including myself) it's a tube of vegemite and peanut butter, for others it's a laptop or IPAD loaded up with TV series, or perhaps the PlayStation or Xbox; things to help us relax when the time comes

There are also quite a few book worms in the team and we have created our own book club with people making dibs on another team mates book for when they finish.

So what are we watching and reading?

TV Shows
- Blindspot
- Suits
- Breaking Bad
- Broad City
- Scandal
- Keeping up with the Kardashians (OK, that one is just me...)
- The Americans

- All Girl Filling Station
- Steve Waugh - The meaning of luck
- The Rosie Project
- Anh Do - The happiest Refugee
- Me before you
- Speaking with Bones

But for some girls there is work to be done, with the baby of the team Lauren Cheatle currently doing Year 12. There are also a number of Uni students (Rene Farrell, Sarah Coyte, Holly Ferling and Alex Blackwell) who all have study and assignments to do whilst here in India. I'm in awe of the time management and dedication it takes to manage study and cricket which can be a challenge here with things such as inconsistent technology and Wi-Fi. And of course the main reason for us being here being such a big series and the demands of the travel, training and playing schedule are also major factors to factor in.

Having a good hit-out against the West Indies in our final warm up game was the perfect way to prepare for the first game of the tournament this Friday against South Africa. We are all incredibly excited about getting the World Cup underway and the game in Nagpur is where we’ll get to take-on my Melbourne Stars Team mate Mignion Du Preez who is the captain of South Africa. 'Mini' was a great addition to our side, one of the most enthusiastic cricketers I have ever met and a very good cricket brain. We spent a lot of time chatting about how we were trying to beat each other in the nets, those conversations are incredibly valuable and I learnt a lot. Bring on Friday!