Beamsy Abroad - Swimming through the semis

Kristen Beams | 31 Mar 2016

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Southern Star Kristen Beams is writing exclusively for the ACA on her amazing experience at the Women’s World T20 throughout the tournament

We’re off to a World Cup final! It was a tough game yesterday given we were up against some amazing players in the English team, and they got off to a great start, but we just had to stick to our plans and see if we could get the result we were after. Such an exciting but tense game, and we’re now just really excited about heading to Eden Gardens for the final!

PillowThe build-up to the game was typical of what we had experienced in India these past few weeks, but with a few variations. When we arrived at one of our hotels the other day we each had a WT20 piece of cake in our room along with a small pillow on our beds with our faces on it. Some girls are pretty sure they have managed to find photos from when they were teenagers or the worst photo that exists of them online. I'm not complaining one bit... my photo pillow looks to have been air brushed. Speaking of photos, there are a lot taken here in India - when we get off planes, get onto the team bus, arrive at the ground etc. You don't always get asked if you want to be in the photo. Quite a few selfies are taken without you realising until it's too late. It's pretty funny as they aren't that great at being discrete and the flash is a dead giveaway.

Our spare time is pretty limited and spent mostly at the hotel. For the water babies it works out well as there is always a swimming pool. As a 'non swimmer' it can be limiting and therefore I am learning to swim on tour. As background, I would describe my swimming as head out of the water breast stroke arms with a combination of freestyle kick left leg and breast stroke kick right leg... it can give off the impression that I am drowning or doing dog paddle. My swim teacher is our physio Kate, who is a good swimmer and very optimistic about my chances of swimming a freestyle lap within a week. I'll keep you posted. Before becoming our physio she worked in tennis, notably with Sam Stosur. She has been great to work with and I'm hoping I one day get to meet Sam!

We didn't play our best cricket against the Kiwi's. It was a disappointing game for us as a team, but as the stats have shown we have lost round games and gone on to win the World Cup. We are a determined group and showed that with a win against Sri Lanka in game 3. Some great bowling by Oz (Erin Osborne), JJ (Jess Jonassens), Shooter (Megan Schutt), along with two great knock from Junior (Elyse Villani) and Meggy (Meg Lanning) ensured that we are back on track.

Molly (1)We are happy to arrive in Delhi as there is a bit more happening and we visited the High Commission, which was a great experience. We met an extremely inspirational athlete in Deepa Malik who is a Paralympian, Javelin thrower, swimmer, biker, rally car driver... I really enjoyed chatting with her and her appetite for living was incredibly infectious. Cricket really does allow us to meet some incredible people !

Quick shout out to two of my EMP (Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies CC) team mates Molly and Smitty who have arrived in Delhi. Seems they enjoyed Holi (known as the festival of colour), which is a happy Hindu holiday celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month. Their colourful get up and cheering that could be heard from one side of the ground to the other ensured that they got some good air time on the broadcast. Pretty awesome to have a couple of mates here!