Beyond the Boundary - Adam Voges

11 Jul 2012


Western Australia veteran Adam Voges has been in the first-class cricket system for almost a decade, and as he approaches the latter years of his career, he's already begun to take the next step in his professional life.

Voges recently completed a work placement with Hegney Property Group, as a part of the ACA's 'Beyond the Boundary' program.

The program focuses on providing cricketers with work experience opportunities in a range of different environments outside the sport.

Voges made his first-class debut for Western Australia against Tasmania in the 2002/2003 Sheffield Shield season, before gradually putting his mark down as a quality top-order batsman.

In his 116 First-Class appearances the right-hander has scored 7182 runs at an average of 41.75, peaking with a 180 against Tasmania in 2007.

He has an even more impressive One Day resume, playing 131 List-A matches, scoring 4264 runs at 44.41, along with 15 ODIs for Australia, where he's scored 392 at 43.55, collecting man-of-the-match honours in his latest appearance for the national side, with an unbeaten 80* in the final Commonwealth Bank Series ODI against England at the WACA in 2011.

The 32-year-old took some time out of his busy schedule with English County side, Nottinghamshire, to shed some light on what he's been doing away from cricket.

Adam you've been in first-class cricket for a decade, represented your country and played professionally overseas for many years as well. When did you first start thinking about life after cricket?
I think it has always been in the back of my mind. Perhaps even more so when my son Xavier was born, knowing I have a young family to provide for. Unfortunately, we can't play forever, so there is going to come a time when life after cricket becomes a reality. For me, that time is probably sooner rather than later, so I have become much more active in making sure I have some good career options for life after cricket. I am also still chipping away at my Sports Science degree and hope to have that finished by the time my cricket career finishes.

What was the spark or motivation for the property placement you completed recently and how did it come about?
I knew I had a six-week break between the end of the Australian season and the start of my stint with Notts, so I was always looking to do something during that period. I've always had an interest in property and wanted to try something completely different to the studies I am doing. I met Gavin Hegney through Steve Smith, our Strength and Conditioning Coach. He was more than happy for me to come and complete a placement at his company, so through (WA Professional Development Manager) Carla Brayn and the Beyond the Boundary program we got it organised pretty quickly.

What were the main tasks you completed during your placement?
Online property searches for various clients, suburb profiling for reports, inspecting properties for potential clients, a road trip with a commercial valuer and I sat in on company and client meetings.

What part of your placement did you enjoy the most?
Chatting with the Chairman of the company, Gavin Hegney, about various things including property, leadership and life outside of cricket. Also, researching and learning about the property industry. I was made to feel very welcome and the company went out of their way to accommodate me. Everyone I had contact with throughout the whole process was great.

Having enjoyed your stint in this industry, are you keen to pursue it further? If so, in what ways?
Yeah I did enjoy the placement and I'd certainly like to learn more. There are a lot of different career paths within the property industry and after my placement it is certainly something I could see myself doing in the future. In the meantime I would like to be able to get more experience within the industry while I am still playing cricket.

How has this placement affected your future aspirations?
There are a number of training courses and studies relating to the property industry that I am looking at. I'd certainly like to get some more hands on experience too. Even if a career in property wasn't to eventuate, learning as much as I can about Property will help when I am looking to buy or sell my own property. One thing I did learn while at Hegney is that if you make 3 or 4 good decisions regarding property during a lifetime, you can financially set yourself up very well.

Do you have a particular job in mind for when you hang up the spikes?
No, not really. But having completed the work placement in the property industry it has certainly opened my eyes to a number of possibilities. As I said earlier, I will hopefully have finished my Sports Science degree by the time I have finished my cricket career. Hopefully having that qualification behind me will help give me the option of staying involved in sport after I have finished playing.

What did you think of the Beyond the Boundary program?
I thoroughly enjoyed my work placement and would be happy to recommend the Beyond the Boundary program to anyone looking at life after sport. I think it is a terrific program and something I am hoping to be able to do again in the future.

How are things going over there with Notts?
I've only been here a short time but it's been really good so far. The weather is gradually improving and the Notts guys have started the season very well, particularly in Championship cricket.

You faced off against some familiar faces in Steve Magoffin and Murray Goodwin when you guys played Sussex recently. How are they travelling?
They are both going well. Muzz hit a very good 70 odd against us in that game and Mags, who is still about 45kg's wringing wet, continues to consistently hit an area the size of a 5 cent coin on a good length just outside off stump.