Careers after cricket

01 Jun 2016

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The post-cricket careers of our members are diverse, challenging and sometimes light years away from the on-field roles they played for their State or country in the past.

Thanks to a donation from the current male players, 752 past players accessed the Personal Development Grants this season to support their life after first-class cricket.

Over 100 members have directed this grant towards developing their career. The ACA has supported endeavours as diverse as a Forklift Licenses, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificates, Bachelor of Teaching, CPA’s and medical careers.

Greg Rowell, Lawyer and past Australian, Bulls, Blues and Tigers player, is opening his own legal practice. His grant went towards a Queensland Law Society Practice Management Course in Sole and Small Practice. Rowell said, “cricket is obviously still a big part of our lives but I think it is just great that even 15 plus years after you finish playing the ACA is there to help with your professional and business development after cricket.”

Melissa Bulow, Accountant/business owner and past Australian and Queensland Fire player has put the grant towards her Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) membership. Bulow said, "being a CPA member is a necessity for me to perform at the top of my profession and meet my industry professional development obligations - this ACA initiative is so valuable!"

Fran Whittaker, former Fire wicketkeeper, is a Graduate in the Freight and Transport Industry, who put her grant towards a Forklift License. Whittaker said, “thanks to this license I can gain more hands-on experience and advance my career even sooner."

Here’s what a few other members are doing!


Master of Fitness (Aimee Harris, ACT)
Bachelor of Teaching (Brett Forsyth, VIC)
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Darren McNees, TAS)
Financial Planning Mentor Program (Wesley Robinson, WA)
Sports Management (Ben Oliver, WA)
Medical Professional Development (Daniel Harris, SA)
Storytelling for influence Course (Reanna Browne, VIC)
Certificate 3 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Michael Swart, WA)
Physiotherapy Professional Development (Rebecca McRae, ACT)