Contracting changes for BBL announced

07 May 2014


The KFC T20 Big Bash League has today announced the contracting rules for BBL|04 with the introduction of a second Trade Week and a change to the rule regarding replacement of players selected for national duties being the major changes for the coming season of the League.

Following a review of the contracting rules after BBL|03, the League has announced a number of changes for BBL|04, specifically:

1. Introduction of a second Trade Week;
2. Changes to the Local Replacement Player rule, pertaining to the replacement of players called up for national duties; and
3. Increase of each BBL Club’s Retainer Pool

BBL clubs will be allowed to start contracting players from Monday 19 May and will be required to sign a minimum of 10 players by Friday 11 July 2014. Clubs will then have until Friday 5 December to complete their 18-player squads, including Community and Development Rookie contracts which will continue following their introduction last season.

Key Changes

Two Trade Weeks

There will be two BBL trade weeks - one at the start of player contracting and one in mid-November.

The trade weeks allow clubs to trade/transfer contracted players to another club at any stage of their contract (with the approval of all three parties). The clubs involved in a trade can negotiate a part or full payment of the traded player’s retainer amount.

A club may transfer a player to another club without receiving a player in return in order to receive salary cap relief by letting the player move to another club. Multi-club trades are also permissible.

Local Replacement Players

This rule has been expanded in BBL|04 to also allow a Local Replacement Player to replace a BBL contracted player who is called up for national duties.

A Local Replacement Player who enters a club’s squad to replace a contracted player must be named in club’s 12-player squad for the match immediately following the club’s application to the BBL Technical Committee.

Once the replaced player is able to resume playing following their unavailability due to injury or national commitments, they may return to the BBL club’s squad and the Local Replacement Player will be removed.

The Local Replacement Player rule will also now extend into the finals.

BBL Club Retainer Pool

Each BBL club will have a Retainer Pool of $1.2m for BBL|04 (rising from last season’s $1.05m cap).

The rise in the Retainer Pool is as a result of an increase in Player payments across all men’s competitions following an increase in CA’s revenue following last year’s record breaking media right’s agreement.

Continuation of the Community and Development Rookie Contracts

Each BBL club will be required to contract one Community Rookie and one Development Rookie following the successful introduction of this initiative last season.

The Community Rookie Contracts are a key element of the BBL’s community engagement strategy and were introduced as part of a wider plan to provide opportunities to players who might not otherwise be identified by one of Australian cricket’s pathway programs. Community Rookies Contracts may comprise of players from rural communities, indigenous backgrounds, low socio-economic areas, and those from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The Development Rookie Contracts will be available to players under the age of 21 who are eligible to represent Australia under ICC eligibility rules or are an approved Australian resident.

Community and Development Rookies do not form part of their BBL club’s squad of 18 players but they can be signed as a Local Replacement Player in the event of a squad member becoming unavailable due to injury or national commitments. Last season, Melbourne Renegades’ Community Rookie Solomon Mire and Brisbane Heat’s Development Rookie Ben McDermott made their debuts for their respective teams.


BBL Club Retainer Pool $1,200,000
Minimum BBL Contract Retainer for local players $20,000
Number of Contracts 18
Maximum Number of Overseas Players in contract list of 18 2
Maximum Number of Replacement Overseas Players 2