FICA announces new leadership structure

27 Jun 2014

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The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) today announced a new leadership structure following the recent resignation of Executive Chairman Paul Marsh.

At the FICA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Melbourne, Executive member Tony Irish was appointed Executive Chairman, with former West Indies captain Jimmy Adams reappointed as President.

Other highlights of the AGM were the confirmation of a set of six FICA Guiding Principles and the endorsement of a new Player Advisory Group. The Guiding Principles represent FICA’s core values while the Player Advisory Group will bring together a selection of key active cricketers from around the globe to provide input and direction to FICA, and a direct line from the playing field to the boardroom.

The composition of the Player Advisory Group will be announced in the coming weeks and the head of this committee will also join the FICA Board. There is capacity to appoint an additional two independent members to the Board.

Mr Irish is the current CEO of the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA), and will continue to operate in this capacity alongside his new role, which will involve him being FICA’s main spokesperson.

Mr Marsh commented on the new appointment.

“We’re delighted to have someone of Tony Irish’s calibre, experience and expertise to assume the role of Executive Chairman,” he said.

“Tony has been a tremendous advocate for players for many years at SACA and with FICA. He is a strong and respected leader who will ensure our member associations and their players continue to be passionately represented.

“We’ve seen in recent days significant changes at ICC level, which represent a new era in terms of the administration and leadership of world cricket. FICA’s position on this is well known. Our strong preference was for the controversy involving Mr Srinivasan in India to be resolved before the ICC made a decision on the Chairmanship.

“While it’s disappointing that this did not occur, we can’t let this distract FICA from its responsibility of helping shape cricket’s future.”

In taking over from Mr Marsh, Mr Irish paid tribute to the departing Executive Chairman.

“I’m looking forward to taking the baton from Paul Marsh, who’s done a terrific job at the head of FICA,” he said.

“Paul has been an outstanding leader in the role of player advocacy. For 13 years with the ACA and nine with FICA, he has been a voice of clarity. His forthright and steadfast approach has ensured players worldwide have been strongly supported and well informed. We thank him sincerely for his contribution and wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

“The cricket landscape is an evolving one, with challenges and opportunities on many fronts. Now, more than ever, it is critical that the voice of the players is heard. FICA is committed to contributing effectively to the game.

“The confirmation of FICA’s Guiding Principles – which include good governance, strong representation, and integrity - helps underline what we stand for, and the imminent assembly of a Player Advisory Group is intended to ensure that the crucial viewpoint of those that play our game remains paramount.”


President – Jimmy Adams
Executive Chairman – Tony Irish
Chief Operating Officer – Ian Smith

Player Association Representatives

Australian Cricketers’ Association – Paul Marsh (until 1 August)
Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh - Debrabrata Paul
New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association – Heath Mills
Professional Cricketers’ Association (UK) – Angus Porter
South African Cricketers’ Association – Tony Irish
Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association - Ken De Alwis
West Indies Players’ Association – Wavell Hinds
Zimbabwe Professional Cricketers’ Association – Eliah Zvumba