Lifelong support designed for ACA members

06 Oct 2016

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Thanks to the feedback of the ACA members, we are even better placed to support the post-cricket life of Past Players.

Earlier this year nearly 450 past player members took the time to participate in a comprehensive research piece to understand our growing membership, and to provide feedback on the Past Player Game and Personal Development Program launched in 2013.

Clea Smith, the National Manager of the program, expressed her thanks to all involved and explained how her team will use the information to shape and improve the Program into the future.

“Understanding who our members are and what their needs are is essential to providing relevant and quality life-long support,” Smith said.

“The ACA are committed to delivering high quality evidence based programs. This Past Player Research is conducted every 4 years as part of this commitment”.

What the ACA heard

Members value the Program

On average 93% of members rated each of the Program’s Services as valued or highly valued.

“Everyone I have dealt with has gone above and beyond to help me. It's an incredible organisation, and this program is amazing. Honoured to be part of it.” said one Anonymous ACA Member.

Service Valued/Highly Valued Highly Valued Valued
Personal Development Grants 93% 60% 33%
Medical Support 90% 67% 27%
Wellbeing Counselling 96% 57% 39%
Health Day 96% 65% 31%
Game Development Program

89% to Australian Cricket

85% to ACA members







“The feedback on existing services was overwhelmingly high, and the ACA intends to continue all components of the Program,” Clea Smith said. 

Members want us to take care of those in need

A very strong theme from the Research was that members would like to see priority given to those with greatest need.

“Make a bigger amount available to those in desperate need,” said one Anonymous ACA Member.

“We’ve already made changes to support pensioners and health care card holders, and this is definitely something we are planning to do more of in coming season,” said Clea Smith.

The ACA has a number of avenues available for members in need. As always, please contact the ACA if you or a fellow member is in need of support.

Awareness of the Medical Support Scheme is low

Awareness for most services available to members was high (80-90%), however only 55% of were aware of the Medical Support Scheme.

“I think this is a very valuable and generous service to ACA members. Just make sure all ACA members are aware it is available,” said one Anonymous ACA Member.

“Promoting the Medical Support Scheme this season is a high priority for us. I’ve found sharing members experiences and word of mouth is often the best way. I encourage all members to look out for each other especially when they are facing illness or injury.” Clea Smith.

While $500 is available for out of pocket costs for all members requiring hospitalisation for illness or injury, up to $2000 is available for those facing more significant costs and/or in greater need. This is a significant and important resource available to our past player members.

The Health Days are not accessible to members living in regional and remote areas

The ACA recognises the location, date and time make it nearly impossible for some members to attend these one-stop health expos.

“There may be others like me that live 6 hours from Sydney and cost and inconvenience make it difficult” said one Anonymous ACA Member.

“We’re definitely exploring ways to meet the health needs of our regional, rural and overseas members in coming seasons.” Clea Smith

Female members value the services

The Program, although designed with male only data collected in 2012, is relevant and valuable to females.

“Across the board females valued the services higher than the males. It’s good to know the services are relevant.” Clea Smith

Requests for Hearing Tests and Early Detection of Cancer

Following the ACA Health Fair Days in 2015, there was very strong expression from members to include hearing tests (78%) and cancer detection services (80%) to the suite of Health Day Services.

“We’re pleased to be including hearing tests and bowel cancer screening at the Health Days for the first time this summer on the back of this strong interest.” Clea Smith

Throughout this season the ACA will endeavour to communicate these services to the membership with greater clarity than ever before.

Please contact Clea Smith anytime on 03 9698 7207 or if you require further information.


In the most recent MOU, the ACA negotiated a 26% share of profits from the 2015 World Cup to be used exclusively to fund this Program. ACA and CA have agreed to allocate these profits to esta

blish the Program from late 2013 until 30 June 2017, to the amount of $1m per year.
At this time both organisations will review the success of the Program, with a view to continuing it beyond 2017.

It is important to note and acknowledge that the funding of this Program is a direct contribution from the current male players to recognize the contribution of past players and support them in their post cricket lives. The current male players would normally be entitled to a set share of the revenue generated by Australian cricket.