ACA Past Player Program going from strength to strength

29 May 2015

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The ACA's Past Player Game and Personal Development Program is in a very strong position, thanks to the engagement and support from members along the way.

The program underwent some change during the season, with Kristen Beams taking the reins while National Program Manager Clea Smith is on maternity leave following the birth of her son, Archie.

"I've loved joining the team and being involved with the ACA Past Player Game and Personal Development Program. I was fortunate to participate in the Game Development Program and thoroughly enjoyed the experience," Beams said.

"We will continue to develop our programs to provide the best experiences and support of our members."

The program has two focus areas:

Game Development - "Harnessing the knowledge, skill and experience of ACA coaches to inspire people to play and stay in cricket."

Personal Development - "Supporting ACA members in their post cricket lives through health, wellbeing, education and career- related services."

The ACA Game Development Program continues grow as it surpasses 450 appearances across the country, nearing our target of 550. Of the appearances to date, 37% were in regional areas. The Game Development appearances fall into three categories: Coach Development; Pathway; & Participation.

  • Participation - inspiring 5-12yo kids to start or continue playing In2Cricket and T20 Blast entry programs;
  • Pathway Coaching - enhancing the experience for players in the junior pathway or club system;
  • Coach Development- enhancing the skills and knowledge of current and aspiring coaches.

More than 180 coaches have been inducted and we are pleased to have such a broad cross section of the membership involved from past and present, male and female members. Feedback from the cricket community has been encouraging, demonstrating the great benefit being provided.
The highlights include:

  • Engagement with players;
  • The high level of preparation & knowledge when demonstrating the skills to coaches & players;
  • The connection between grassroots and Australian cricketers. Members have enjoyed engaging during their appearances and highlighted the following:
  • The interactions with the players and engagement with other coaches;
  • Witnessing the enjoyment of the youngsters as well as their parents, and encouraging the development of young cricketers towards a lifetime of involvement;
  • The enthusiasm of young cricketers and well organised activities and drills;
  • Reconnecting with club cricket.

Appearance Category

  • Participation 35%
  • Pathway 44%
  • Coach Development 21%

Personal Development Program

The Personal Development Program has provided a number of services across the season thus far, including Health Fair Days, Personal Development Grants and Medical Support. The Health Fair Days included the provision of Skin Checks, Bone Density Testing, Vision Testing, Health Checks and Massage

State 2015 Health Fair dates Attendees
WA Tuesday 10th March 75
SA Monday 2nd February 79
TAS Wednesday 4th February 64
NSW Monday 23rd February 64
QLD Thursday 5th February 64
VIC Monday 2nd March 72
Total   418

In 2013-14, 363 ACA members benefited from the Personal Development Grants Program, which provides a financial gran to support members in the areas of health, wellbeing, career and education in their post-cricket lives. Registrations for 2014-15 have closed and we are pleased to have 683 Past Players registered, which is a significant increase on last year. The grants will be paid out in April/May 2015.

Medical support has been provided to members on a case-by-case basis through the Post-Career Medical Scheme, Health Insurance Excess Scheme and Wellbeing Counselling.