Ryan Carters is Batting for Change

06 Jan 2016


New South Wales Blues and Sydney Sixers batsman Ryan Carters is using the game to create transformative educational opportunities for disadvantaged women in cricket-playing nations.

After raising $30,000 with the Sydney Thunder in BBL03 and $108,000 with the Sydney Sixers in BBL04, Batting For Change aims to raise $120,000 for The LBW Trust to support the education of 600 young women in India and Sri Lanka by pledges made for every six hit by the Sydney Sixers during BBL05.

Carters founded Batting for Change in partnership with The LBW Trust in 2013.

"After travelling through the cricket-playing world and seeing the massive inequalities that exist, I wanted to something to help young people who need it most.

"I believe education is the best way to help people living in poverty. Young people with an education have more chance of getting a decent job, raising a healthy family and breaking free from severe poverty. Education is especially powerful for women, who are often overlooked for opportunities to live a free and independent life," Carters said.

Head to www.battingforchange.com.au to make your pledge today!