"Thrilled" Koschel joins the ACA

25 Jan 2018

Koschel _article

Former NSW Breaker Kath Koschel is joining the ACA as Manager Cricket Operations and Membership.

Whilst Koschel's on-field career was cut short through significant injury, it is her incredible experience away from the field that is expected to make a significant impact on the ACA.

General Manager - Cricket Operations & Membership Brendan Drew is excited by what Koschel could bring to the organisation.

"Kath has vast cricket knowledge from both her playing days and from operations roles at both Cricket NSW and the ICC World Cup.

"And her insight in to the areas of mental health, personal wellness and resilience will be tremendous assets to the ACA.


Kath is an excellent communicator and we're really pleased that she has come on board to the ACA."

Following significant personal challenges, Koschel founded the Kindness Factory in 2015, which is a non-profit organisation that promotes and encourages acts of kindness in the community.

She is currently a 2018 New South Wales Finalist for Australian of the Year and a 2018 National Australia Day Ambassador.

Speaking of her appointment Koschel said she was "thrilled" to come to the ACA.

"I'm really excited and really looking forward to starting in February," she said.

"I have had a lot to do with the ACA particularly in the past five years and I know how highly regarded the ACA is within the player groups.

"To be able to join the ACA team is a real thrill for me and I'm hoping I can make a positive contribution to the great work the ACA already does," Koschel said.

In welcoming Koschel, Drew praised and thanked outgoing Manager Female Cricket Operations and Membership Jodie Fields.

"Jodie has made a lasting impact on the ACA and more generally on women's cricket.

"She provided such outstanding service to the ACA in her two and half years with us. 

"During Jodie's 16 year playing career, she was an ACA Delegate and Captain of Australia for more than five years.

"Over the last three years Jodie's insight and dedication were invaluable, particularly during the MOU negotiation."

Koschel will commence at the ACA on February 12th, 2018.