Top 10 Worst-Ever Cricket Strips

21 Oct 2014


The cricket fashion police have arrived as we count down 'The Top 10 Worst-Ever Cricket Kits'.

West Indies pretty in pink


It's amazing to think that these guys were the most feared team in world cricket. The all-salmon outfit, coupled with flared pants make for the worst product the World Series had to offer. I still don't think anyone would dare sledge this fast-bowling powerhouse, though.

The Kiwi Beige Brigade


An all-time classic strip which has a cult following. New Zealand's answer to the Barmy Army, the Beige Brigade pride themselves on replicating this 1980s national treasure. At the end of the day, it's still beige and if it's not Richie donning one of his suits, it still doesn't cut the custard (perhaps a better option as a colour).

Chennai's Super-Stinker

Chennai Superstars

The rebel ICL was ambitious and so were the strips. This concoction of green, pink and grey stars is made even worse by the irrelevant addition of a maroon cap. Our very-own Michael Bevan and skipper Stuart Law both had the privilege of wearing this disaster of a cricket kit. 0/5 stars.

Germany's muli-coloured nightmare


If you're going to be mediocre, at least look good doint it. Germany are certainly not renowned for their cricket prowess, so it's disappointing that their strip is difficult to look at without cringing. Fellow cricket minnows like Scotland and Bermuda at least put some time in producing a better outfit.

Middlesex's not so sexy strip


Perhaps not as bad as the Windies take on this one, but certainly well below the hot pink that is the Sydney Sixers. Although the Middlesex T20 strip is now quite attractive, there were clearly teething issues when they were handed this one.

Kenya's green on red on green


Another small cricket nation that clearly struggled when they were deciding what to wear on the cricket field. If red pants weren't bad enough, they decided to match the pads with the green top and place black and red stripes all the way down the side as a finishing touch.

Highveld Lions egg and yuck

Highveld Lions

These guys must have had a Watford supporter within their ranks, because anyone else would know that the above debacle is a shocker.

Kiwi teal


The '90s were in no way a stranger from poor fashion, but the Kiwis (who are commonly seen in Black) thought it'd be a good idea to go teal, and we thought they'd know better after the beige period of the previous decade.

Pakistani lime


Pakistan may have had the right idea when they decided to break away from the already overpopulated pool of dark green nations but this went too far. This strip resembles something you'd probably like to add to your cocktail rather than something you'd wear on a cricket field. Thankfully, this one went the way of the dodo as we entered the new millenium..



What a great way to round-off the list! Zimbabwe are constantly breaking new ground for horrible cricket strips. Check out the ACA Masters' very own Murray Goodwin showing off one of the African nation's very worst getups. There's not much more to say than, 'no thanks!'