Top 5 Brutal Cricket Moments

17 Sep 2014

Last week Miami Marlins All-Star Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the face with a brutal Mike Fiers' 88MPH fast ball, reminding us of the dangers of the bat and ball codes.

Cricket is no stranger to similar-type incidents, so we thought we'd take a look at our 'Top 5 Brutal Cricket Moments'.

Warning: The following videos feature graphic footage.


5 - Ricky Ponting's wears a Mohammad Sami bouncer

Battling scorching Sharjah conditions, Ricky Ponting made the decision to remove his helmet as he battled heat exhaustion. Punter then proved that he was one of the toughest players the game had ever seen when he brushed off a Mohammad Sami bouncer to the jaw on his way to 150. Courage, mate.

4 - Brett Lee beamer breaks Shane Warne's hand

An MCC v the Rest of the World XI friendly at Lord's earlier this year turned slightly sour when Brett Lee hit former teammate Shane Warne with a wayward beamer, breaking the Spin King's hand and forcing him from the bowling attack. The photos of Warne's hand following the incident showed the full brunt of the beamer.

3 - David Saker 'Spitting Cobra' collects Jeff Vaughan

David Saker introduced a unsuspecting Jeff Vaughan to his 'Spitting Cobra' during a Sheffield Shield match between Tasmania and South Australia in 2001, forcing the Redback to retire hurt after facing just nine deliveries on a day he'd probably like to forget.

2 - Alex Tudor ducks into Brett Lee bumper

All Ashes fans remember the moment Brett Lee managed to sneak a ball through Alex Tudor's grill. Tudor was stretchered from the WACA as he paid the price for ducking into a Brett Lee bouncer.

1 - Keegan Meth loses four teeth

Luck was certainly not on Keegan Meth's side the day Nasir Hossain drove a full toss straight back into his face, smashing four teeth straight from his mouth. A truly brutal moment in professional cricket. WARNING - this one is especially hard to watch.