ACA launches Wellbeing Program

Dear ACA Members,

The Australian Cricketers' Association, in collaboration with Cricket Australia, is pleased to be delivering a new Wellbeing framework this summer to improve Australian cricket's Mental Health awareness, and to provide players and high performance staff with the tools to better manage this issue .

We have contracted Mental Edge Consulting to roll out the Wellbeing framework, which is based on research revealing that the understanding of mental wellbeing by elite athletes and coaches is far less than that of physical fitness.

The education program identifies potential triggers and provides tools to manage mental health issues. In a game that’s described as “90 per cent mental”, the ACA is leading the way in putting resources into this area of elite cricket.

To find out more about the program, click on the video below as Mental Edge Consulting Director and Senior Psychologist Matti Clements and Victorian Bushrangers Aaron Finch and Clint McKay (who took part in the first session) describe the structure and impact of the Wellbeing framework. Aaron and Clint’s testimonies highlight many of the challenges facing cricketers and how crucial it is to properly identify potential hurdles and the tools for addressing them.

Yours sincerely,

Alistair Nicholson
Chief Executive
Australian Cricketers’ Association