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Footy Tipping winner crowned

The ACA congratulates Victorian member Christine Warton for taking out the Footy Tipping competition for season 2017.

Christine played state cricket for Victoria and is an avid Tigers supporter, something she credits her success with this year.

"I didn't do anything special other than go with my instinct," Warton said.

"I think I was helped by the fact that Richmond tended to win the games that they were meant to win, whereas usually they used to lose those games!

"So, if Richmond hadn't had as a good a year as they did, I probably wouldn't have won the clubs!"

As for her prize, a new set of golf clubs generously provided by Amer Sports, will be put to good use as she gets back into the game more regularly.

"I'm rapt to get a new set of golf clubs. It's been 37 years since I last had a new set," she said.

"It's been quite a while since I played regularly or competitively, but I still play occasionally with friends.

"I dare say now that my kids are getting older, it may be something that I take up again and the new clubs might be the perfect motivation to do that."

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