Reaching out for mental health


October marked both World Mental Health Day and National Mental Health Week, which have championed the cause of mental health awareness in the wider community since 1992.

Developing our members holistically has long been an objective of the ACA, which is why a mental health support service from Relationships Australia has been available to members since 2006.

Relationships Australia is accessed by over 90,000 people across Australia per year and provides support services to enhance human and family relationships.

Many ACA Members have benefited from free confidential counselling sessions through Relationships Australia during their cricket journey and particularly in their post-career.

National Past Player Manager Clea Smith says there has been significant growth in members accessing services in the mental health space over the past four years.

“There’s a growing recognition of how important mental health is and how valuable it can be to seek expert support.

“For some of us reaching out is not easy, I believe that’s why the Relationships Australia service has been so popular. It’s 100% confidential and members can access local face-to-face support with one phone call," Clea Smith said

Services available include, but are not limited to; general mental wellbeing, depression, anxiety, gambling, alcohol, relationship counselling, and family planning.

ACA Members can access six free sessions.

Call Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277 to make an appointment.