November Member Update

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Member Benefits 

Please be advised of some of the offers that are available to ACA Members through our Member Benefits program. You can log on here to see the full list of benefits.

Access 40% off the recommended retail price on a selected range of sunglasses (+ postage and handling).

Download the Product and Price form here and choose your selection from the fantastic range of sunglasses offered. Return your completed form to

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Calling all cricketers for leading heart research study

Are you aged between 30-80?

Do you want a free cardiovascular health check - VO2 max test, body composition analysis, a heart ultrasound and a heart MRI?

Do you want to contribute to athlete cardiovascular research?

Click here for more information and details on how you can participate in the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute research.

A Sort of Homecoming

A fatherless father who survived impoverished 3rd world Dublin A mother who escaped Hitlers bombings during WW2 And a son who had a cricketing dream The long awaited biography of England cricketer Alan Mullally Available at




Member Functions 

See the below dates for ACA Member functions. All members will be contacted proir to the functions.

State  Date
Tasmania Sunday, November 11 2018
South Australia Sunday, 9th December 2018
Western Australia Sunday, 16th December 2018
Victoria Friday, 28th December 2018

New South Wales 

Sunday, 6th January 2019


Saturday, 26th January 2019