Cowan, Cazzulino launch Tripod

07 Nov 2014

Tri Tri

Dear ACA Members -

Steve Cazzulino and myself have recently started a Nespresso compatible coffee company and after 6 long months of bloody hard work, Tripod Coffee is finally ready to launch our retail packs! Our hand illustrated retail boxes (below) come with ten capsules inside. We are excited to be the first-to-market with a recyclable, hermetically sealed Nespresso compatible capsule.

Our three foundation coffees, each hand selected and artisanally roasted are:

  • Black Panama - a strong and rich Panamanian coffee, strength 4/5 - $5.80
  • Gold Sombrero - a single estate Kenyan AA that is smooth and aromatic, strength 4/5 - $6.20
  • Red Fedora - an African blend that is perfect as a espresso or long black, strength 3/5 - $5.40

The best way to order is to go to our new website, and hopefully have a seamless online retailing experience. Our online prices will be cheaper than our RRP for physical retailers. We are also excited to have teamed up with 'Ordermentum' to provide our reminder service, taking the hassle out of reordering. Essentially a subscription service, it provides the flexibility to control the timing and volume of your next order. Re-ordering through this service will allow you to attract a 10% discount to your order

To celebrate the launch, we are going to knock 10% off for ACA members - simply use the discount code 'ACAmember'. If you order 180 capsules or more, we also offer FREE shipping.

If you are a Nespresso drinker at the moment, we know that if you try our product you are going to fall in love with it and never look back.

We would love to hear from you regardless about your Tripod experience. As a start up, our budgets are pretty tight, so our best marketing is going to be word of mouth - if you love our coffee, please tell a friend... or 10, tweet about us, (we know how many followers some of you have) or like us on Facebook.

My work email is if you want to touch base.

Thanks for your support in advance,

Ed Cowan