From the President

02 Oct 2014

Grey Dyer Image

As previously advised, I'm very pleased to confirm the appointment of our new CEO, Alistair Nicholson. Alistair will commence officially with us on 27th October, but has already started to get his head around the ACA's many issues and projects. Whilst Alistair is new to cricket, he has an amazing background in professional sport, as a participant with AFL club, Melbourne, as a member/players' representative on the AFLPA Executive and, post-AFL career, working predominantly in the sports industry as a strategic consultant with Gemba.

We've set ourselves some significant immediate and long term goals, including increasing the ACA's commercial capacities and financial self-sufficiency and Alistair's background is very well suited to the task ahead. In addition, all of our interview panel were greatly impressed by his passion for the broader questions of player welfare and life beyond the game.

I know he is keen to meet as many of our members as possible in the near term and with the cricket season now commencing, no doubt there'll be plenty of opportunities for that to happen. Please join me in making Alistair feel welcome to the ACA family and to the cricket fraternity more generally.

This change over at the CEO level represents an opportunity for new perspectives to be brought to the organisation - a renewal of our operations and increased focus on the key objectives we've set for ourselves - an opportunity which every organisation needs from time to time.

The season is commencing with the focus on the World Cup early next year already evident. Our increasingly compromised first-class cricket season seems even more so than usual, although with such an important international event to work in to the schedule, that's certainly understandable. It will be amazing to see the world's best one-day players all head down for a once in 20-year event here in Australia and New Zealand. Of all the myriad of short-form tournaments that are played around the world now, this is the one that the players really want to win - the one that really matters.

I'm sure many of you have been keen to hear news relating to CA's response to our State of the Game report. Frustratingly, their reply took some seven months, which has delayed the implementation of those initiatives upon which there was agreement. Not surprisingly, several of the other matters raised by our report got a dismissive response.

Notwithstanding, we have now been able to commence productive discussions with CA on some great projects which we had recommended in the report and work has begun to roll them out over the coming months. I'm confident that significant initiatives relating to four important areas - Grade/District Cricket, Coaching, Volunteers and Player Internships - will be developed, with close to $1.3m in funding to be provided annually from the players' share of cricket revenues over a three-year period and hopefully beyond. Further detail on these will be provided as soon as final details can be agreed.

We are still seeking the opportunity for a discussion with appropriately senior reps from CA on many aspects of our report. Hopefully, those discussions will be approached from both sides in the spirit with which our report was originally produced.

Enjoy your cricket.

Greg Dyer
ACA President