Professional Development

  • PPG

    PD Program

    The Professional Development Program is a joint initiative of the ACA and Cricket Australia and is available to all male and female current players, those who have recently retired and past players on a case by case basis.

  • Beyond Vill

    Beyond The Boundary

    Beyond the Boundary focuses on providing professional cricketers with work experience opportunities in a range of different environments outside sport. This supports the ACA's strong commitment to the off-field development of its members, and significant focus is on a smooth career transition from professional sport to a satisfying post playing career.

  • Huddle

    Player Hardship Fund

    The Player Hardship Fund was established in 1999 with the objective of providing assistance to cricketers, whether past or present, in times of genuine hardship. The beneficiaries of the fund may also include the immediate families of past and present players.

  • Clinic

    Past Player Program

    The Past Player Program is the ACA's newest initiative, designed to support our past players members in their post-cricket lives.

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