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Premier Cricket Program Update

In June we launched the ACA Premier Cricket Program. This is one of a growing list of terrific initiatives funded by the current male players. The aim of the program is to harnesses the skill, experience and knowledge of ACA Members to excite, inspire, and improve the next generation of elite cricketers through the Premier Cricket pathway.

In the past two weeks we have got around to four of the six states to conduct the program induction sessions, which have been received very positively by Members and clubs. Next week will see us complete the induction process, which will allow participating ACA members to engage fully with their individual clubs and focus on making a positive impact on Premier Cricket around the country.

To date we have been able to engage 102 ACA Members in 82 clubs across the country. Around half (46) of these members were either not involved with their club last season or were considering retirement. This is a terrific start for the program as it has essentially kept 46 skilled, experienced and knowledgeable ACA members in playing or coaching roles that may otherwise have been lost from the Premier Cricket pathway. Maintaining this talent can only have a positive influence and assist us with the main objective of strengthening Premier cricket around the country.


"I am looking forward to getting back in amongst the ranks and coaching again. This opportunity has invigorated me and my desire to continue to be involved. I'm sure I can speak on behalf of all involved when I say to please pass on to the playing body that their support of this direction is both appreciated by 'us', but more importantly a high need for our club cricket."

Brendan Creevey

"This is fantastic news and many thanks to all for your contribution. We are very pleased to have been able to build on our past coaching program and assemble a very strong men’s coaching team and look forward to next and future seasons."

Maurie Vast
President Port Adelaide Cricket Club

"Just a quick email to say thanks for your assistance in securing Scott Coyte for us this season. Scott is not only an asset on the field but very good with players and working with children involved in the game. Please pass on our thanks to the ACA for this tremendous initiative and your assistance."

Jason Ellsmore
Secretary Campbelltown Camden District Cricket Club


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